Terms for Membership

Termsfor Membership at HULK

  1. When you sign up as a HULK- Hela Uppsalas Landhockeyklubb (further named as “HULK”) you will be registered as member for the full calendar year until you resign from the club. While being a member you will be invoiced for the membership fee. That fee will be invoiced during the spring invoicing period (January-April). If you sign up later than the spring period, you will be invoiced immediately. If you wish to resign from being a Member of HULK you need to email your notification to this address. Membership fees can be removed in agreement with the board under extra-ordinary conditions.
  2. Every player that plays at HULK has to be insured to play field hockey at one of our activities and at any other hockey-related event organized by HULK (insurance details are determined by SLHF). This means every player has to register him/herself as a member at HULK before participating in any activity. The membership fee is determined at the annual general assembly. The activity fees are set by the board of HULK and can be changed any time but not without prior notice to the members.
  3. The member confirms his registration by paying the membership fee. This is a formal agreement between the player and HULK to be an official member for one year.
  4. Activities in the club can be booked individual and per term. You can register yourself for activities through the website of HULK every half a year (e.g. Spring and Autumn term). Activity fees are described at hulkuppsala.se and can be removed in agreement with the board under extra-ordinary conditions.
  5. The member confirms his participation in the activities for one term by paying the activity fee. This is a formal agreement between the player and S.L.F. MESAICOS to be entitled to participate in the activities for one term.
  6. Invoices will be sent out twice during the year. In the spring and in the autumn term. Changes in the billing cycle can be made by the decision of the board. It will be announced when new activity fees are set.
  7. Membership fees and activity fees are according to the information on the website (Fees). The activity fees are set prior to every billing period by the board of HULK. The fees will be announced in advance.
  8. If you need to borrow a hockey stick from the club you will get a personal stick for a season with an individual number. You can choose to store that stick at the hockey club on your responsibility. After the season it is the members’ duty to return the stick to the club. Otherwise, the member will be invoiced for a replacement stick.
  9. In order to participate in official matches of SLHF, HULK works together with MESAICOS in Solna. You do need to sign-up as member of HULK before playing any games.

 Rules regarding unpaid invoices

  1. When a member receives the first bill to pay the fees, he/she has one month to pay.
  2. If the member does not pay, a reminder is sent one month after the first bill was sent with the additional fine* to the payment.
  3. If a member still does not pay within a month, a second reminder will be sent. This will happen one month after the first reminder was sent and will come with
    an additional fine*.
  4. After receiving the second reminder, the member has one week to pay before the member is banned from playing until the outstanding bill has been settled.
  5. For the members still having outstanding bills from a previous season, the following has been decided: You will receive one more reminder to pay the bill after which you will get exactly one week to pay before you receive a playing

*fines are stated in the Fee Overview