Privacy statement

We as HULK are collecting data from you which you provide us in the signup form. In addition to that, we are collecting some Meta Data such as IP addresses and Timestamps. In addition to that, it might occur that external services (such as websites analytics and others) on our website collect metadata about you. That collection is not directly under our control, but we will inform you if we identify a data collection that might conflict with currently valid data protection regulations.

The data you provide us will be used for administrative purposes within HULK field hockey club. This includes all of our activities and the organization of the club. We will use the data in order to send invoices for membership and activity fees, as well as other services to invoice. We may use the data in order to plan our activities and make a strategy for the club.

Parts of the data are shared with the Swedish field hockey federation SLHF. The data is shared with SLHF through the system idrottonline. We will feed parts of the data to the system. As part of that, it can occur that you will receive an email with a registration to the system of idrottonline. This will give you the possibility to access and see your own data in the system. Through that system, the data is shared with the organizatioRiksidrottsförbundet. This data exchange is done by the process for registration for LOK-stöd.

Some parts of the data will be shared with the municipality of Uppsala. This is happening as part of the activity registration for the local activity contribution by Uppsala.

In order to protect your data, HULK ensures that it is not made available to third parties, except the parties mentioned above, and will not be open access through the internet. Data, stored on servers that can be accessed through the internet, will be password protected. Further, are we striving to protect your data as mentioned in the section Server Security.

Evidence of Consent

When signing up for the club, we ask you to consent with our privacy statement during registration as a member at HULK. In addition to that, you are asked to confirm your consent through an extra step by a link sent to your email. This is mandatory to complete your registration. In that extra step, we are asking you to confirm your consent as well as we are storing metadata such as your IP-address and a timestamp for the confirmation. We are doing that in order to comply with current valid regulations about data protection.

Requesting the data stored about you

To get a record of the data HULK has stored about you, please send us an email to our Membership-Service with the request of providing you with the data, we have stored about you. It is important to send the email from the mail address you used for registration. If that is not possible for you, please contact one of the board or team members of HULK directly so we can verify your identity and provide you with the data.

Request to delete your data

If you wish your data to be deleted from our databases. Please write an email to our Membership-Service with your request to delete the data about you. In order to get your data deleted the following two requirements have to be met. You have to pay all of the outstanding bills for the membership fees, activity fees, fines or other HULK related services. When the requirements are met, your data will be deleted from our database after the end of the current season. In well-motivated cases, the data can be deleted right away.

Server Security

Our data is hosted by our server provider The server security is managed by our provider. We as HULK are putting our best efforts into protecting your data. We are doing that by trying to keep the CMS and installed plug-ins up to date. As well as we protect access to the data by password protection where feasible. We as HULK do not share the data with third parties without your agreement.

For further questions regarding Server and Data security, please contact one of the HULK members from the board or the crew.

Notice of data breach

We as HULK are obliged to inform you about any security breaches on our servers that are coming to our attention and which could expose your personal data. We as team members are doing our best efforts by our means to investigate any suspicious activity that might affect the security of your data.